State of the Art Chiropractic Analysis and Treatment

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State of the Art Chiropractic Analysis & Treatment

Cline Chiropractic Center chiropractors focus on the relationship between your structure, primarily the spine, function as coordinated by the nervous system, and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of your health. From our office on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, Maine, we use the latest technology from Sigma Instruments to detect and correct small problems before they become big ones.

SIGMA Instrument Methods

Our state of the art chiropractic system is used to locate your symptoms and address the underlying cause so that the problem doesn’t keep recurring.


Cline Chiropractic uses the new high tech impulse adjustment technique and equipment. It was developed to provide analysis and controlled treatments to specific areas. Every visit includes a brief computer evaluation that produces graphs of your function.


The computerized impulse adjustment technique feels like a light tapping sensation on the area being treated. There is no popping or cracking with the treatment. In most cases, the treatment is painless. After adjustments, patients have relief from pain and improved mobility.


We offer our patients prompt, professional, and effective treatments. We are honored that existing patient referrals continue to be our number one referral source for new patients.

  • What does the adjustment do for me?

    Chiropractic adjustments remove interference and restore more normal function to nerves, joints, and soft tissue.

  • Where does chronic pain come from?

    • Brain pain receptors that have become sensitive to adrenaline (stress), weather changes, and sudden movements can trigger pain symptoms.
    • Old injuries from sports or accidents can cause frequent flare-ups, especially when aggravated by a new activity.
    • Regular chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for keeping chronic symptoms well managed.
  • Are there different chiropractic techniques?

    There are more than 100 different techniques. They are designed to remove interference and improve function.

  • Why use a computer?

    The computer measures the tension frequencies in the tissues that move the body. Excessive tension that is not appropriate for your current activity can restrict normal cell recovery and inhibit normal movement. NASA used a similar computer to evaluate the heat shield attachments on the space shuttle before liftoff.

  • How does the adjustment work?

    Mechanical impulse adjustments reset tissue tension to correct frequencies. Correct tension allows correct movement and function.

  • Do I need a chiropractor?

    Chiropractic care is an important health choice. It ranks with good lifestyle choices such as brushing teeth, walking for exercise, wearing a seatbelt, and getting enough sleep. Chiropractic adjustments remove interference and promote normal movement and normal living function.


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Our Chiropractic Doctor

Dr. Patricia Cline, D.C.

Dr. Patricia Cline, DC

Dr. Cline graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2005. Prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Cline was a Licensed Massage Therapist...

Our goal is to restore your body’s balance and function and to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms with treatments that are as painless as possible.